Friday, April 30, 2010

13.1 X 5

The last weekend of this month we headed north to Nashville for the Country Music Marathon. NanaLin's son Chris ran the full and I ran the half. We loved being with NanaLin and GrandPa and NanaLin's family for the weekend. H was a trooper dragging LEM around the course to try to get a glimpse of their Mama. I felt good during my race and finished in the time I wanted to (12 1/2 minute miles=2:42:12). The thing I felt best about while running was that I had not gotten crazy and signed up for the full marathon!
The children did great on the ride. It is AmaZing how much easier travel is becoming. It is almost enjoyable now. Saturday night we went to the OpryLand Mall where the children got to pet sting rays and eat at the Rain Forest Cafe. The next weekend this area of Nashville was completely flooded and is still recovering.
One side note about Lucia. Her favorite color is orange. It always has been. Mazie and I ran in Target to grab something when we were leaving Nashville Sunday. Mazie saw a pretty orange bathing suit for Lu. So we bought it and gave it to Lu when we got to the car. She held it for the next hour or so of our drive and kept saying things like, "Thank you for my orange bathing suit" and "I love my new orange bathing suit."
We are thankful for safe travels and a safe race.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hoppy Easter

We had a fun Easter weekend with Sunday morning church and several Easter egg hunts.

The Easter Bunny came to visit us and brought us candy and more of our favorite Audubon birds.

We dyed Easter eggs again. We learned from last year and moved outside this time. What they enjoyed most was squashing the eggs and making a delicious looking egg salad festival.

Want a bite?