Wednesday, December 30, 2009

At Home

Fun new slippers from Avery Mae and her parents.

Shiny new piggy banks from Grandpa and NanaLin.

Here is an ornament Lucia received. I asked her what color it was. She said, "pink." I asked her what it was, she said, "a tractor."

Shopping carts make the best strollers.

Elliott loves his new garbage truck that picks up and dumps the trash itself.

More Photos from the Holidays

Where'd the cookies go?

Elliott looking in Nannie's ears with his new flashlight.

Making shrimp omelets with Nana.
Mazie, taking a rest from the festivities.

Walks to the Pier

Several times while we were at the beach, the babes and I walked to a public pier down the street. These yopan (not sure how to spell it, only know what they were from H's mom) berries were in all the yards and they were so vibrant and plentiful. H's Nannie said when she was growing up, people used them to decorate for Christmas. I can see why. They made for lovely arrangements.

Below Elliott is looking at bananas growing on a tree.
The banana trees had these beautiful blooms. I'd never seen any before. They were the deepest shade of purple.


As I mentioned in an earlier post, the only thing the children wanted from Santa was a lollipop. And, Santa delivered. Lucia, orange. Elliott, blue. Mazie Bell, pink. These, as you can probably guess, are their favorite colors.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Treat

One of Nana's friends made the children gingerbread sleighs for Christmas. Everything about them was homemade barring a few peppermint sticks. The sleighs were filled with cookies and chocolate and pretzels. The sleighs served as decorations for a few days before they were devoured.


While we were in Georgia we spent some time with my Grandma. My aunt, uncle and aunt, and cousin and her family came over too. We had a lovely time playing and eating the world's best barbeque. This picture is of Aunt Nancy playing with Lucia. Lucia still asks about Aunt Nancy. They are playing with a puzzle my grandma has had since I was a child. I used to love to try to fit all the animals together.
Grandma, taking a break from all the action.

These pictures are of Elliott and my cousin Molly's son , E, playing with cars. E was very sweet and taught Elliott some of the ins and outs of driving cars.
Here E is showing Elliott how to work a toy piano my Grandma had. The hat you place on the bear's head determines which song he plays on the piano.
All the children loved Grandma's poodle, Misty, but Mazie really took to Misty. For several weeks she would ask me where "Grandma Livvie and Missy" were.
We loved our time in Georgia and this afternoon was one of the highlights.