Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lu's First Haircut

Today Lucia's Nana took her to the local Kutz and Kurlz get her first haircut. Lucia has always had the most hair and lately it has been a bit unruley. So, Nana took her to see Miss Jan for a little shape-up.

Here is a before photo:
Here she is ready to go and waiting patiently for her Nana to come pick her up:
Here are some after photos.
H walked across the street from her office to check on Lu and take a few photos. She and Nana said that Lucia did great, only whimpering once or twice.

Lucia, we think you look beautiful.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beads & Moon Pies

Yesterday we attended our town's second Mardi Gras parade. Last year's Mardi Gras parade was the babies very first outing. I must say, this year was much more fun. Instead of being held or sitting in a triple stroller, this year they spent a little time in our trusted wagon and then hopped up (with a little help) onto the bed of their Papa's truck.
I noticed that the three don't ever smile at parades. They don't act afraid or bored. They watch everything attentively, but, they don't ever smile or laugh. Perhaps they are overwhelmed with all the sights and sounds.
The beads and moon pies, as they are with everyone, I think, were the biggest hits for our children. I don't think they could have put on enought beads, and, if we'd let them, I think they'd have eaten their weight in moon pies.

Here is H going through the loot we brought home. Our friends, the J boys, hooked us up with some terrific prizes like swords, footballs, tambourines, frisbies, masks, and fire department beads. We brought home more stuff than you could shake a stick at.

Here is Lu with her favorite find of the day: a giant toothbrush.
Maybe the giant toothbrushes will help eliminate the stains brought on by our giant cigars.

We hope your Mardi Gras is especially fat and festive.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Some times when it's too quiet...

...that means the three are into something they shouldn't be. Other times it means precious Lu has climbed up into the rocker with her blanket and is quietly singing to herself the way her Mama Bee taught her to. Such a sweet thing to find.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Weights

As you can tell from Maze's saggy britches, she did not gain much weight this past month. The babes were weighed yesterday for their Synagis shots. Each month it gets rougher and rougher to give the shots. The babes are getting more and more upset. Luckily for them (and our nurse) they only have two more shots after this month.
Elizabeth Lu 21# 13 oz
a gain of 7 oz

Elliott K 24# 10 oz
a gain of one pound

Mazie Bell 18# 10 oz
a gain of 8 ounces


Dad and Linda, aka Grandpa and NanaLin, came for a visit this week. We didn't take a lot of pictures, but had a great time taking lots of walks and eating good food. Linda made the world's best carrot cake. I think I ate half of it.

It was fun this trip because the babies are talking more. They each said "Pa" and "Nana." Mazie especially enjoyed calling their names. Whenever one of them would leave the room she would ask "Pa? Pa?" or "Nana? Nana?" It was very sweet.

We had a wonderful visit and look forward to the next time they are with us.
The picture above is of Pa and Lucia finishing up the east side of our play yard.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Night Apart

Another first in our household--we split the babies up for a night. H and I decided to get away for a night Valentine's weekend. Elliott went to Karen and Kevin's to stay. The girls went to Nana and Papa's.
Everybody did well. The girls had a great time, almost as much fun as Nana and Papa. H's mom said they asked for Bubby a few times, but were very content.
According to Karen and Kevin, Elliott never missed any of us. He played all day and even got to go to McDonald's for the first time. He brought home Ronald on a bicycle as a souvenir.
H and I enjoyed our day tooling around. We saw the new house of some friends, went out to eat, saw a movie. Then, like the crazies we are, decided to come home and spend the night in our own bed instead of traveling further to the beach. Man, we are getting old.

H and I were glad when our family was back together. But, it is nice knowing that this is a good option for us in the future. Thank you to all who helped.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Will y'all be our Valentine?

H and I took the three to their day care's Valentine's Day party. It was neat for us to stand back and observe them. They seemed so much older to us: sitting at the table, interacting with others, being content without us right there.
Here is Lu getting her bag of treats from their teacher, Miss Debbie.
She loved the balloon.
Mama Bee and E reading a book from his bag of treats.
E, enjoying a cookie and punch.
Maze with her new bracelet and a sucker.
All three of the children were double-fisted eaters.

One of our favorite things to notice while at the party was how Lucia is so good at sharing. She tried to share just about all of her treats with the other kids, including her brother and sister. It was so sweet to watch her go up to others and offer them a bite.

We hope you had a Valentine's day filled with love.