Tuesday, August 31, 2010


While in Atlanta we went to the fountain at Centennial Park. It wasn't until we were leaving that we saw the sign that said you had to wear shoes and shirts (they must not have figured on folks like us coming, because they didn't feel the need to add pants and skirts).
Avery was the first to jump in. She had no hesitation what so ever. Then Mazie joined her. Elliott and Lucia waited quite a while before getting wet, Lucia being the last and most tentative. Once they were all in, they had a great time.

This is my favorite series of pictures: Avery waiting on the water...
..."Yay! Here is comes"...
Glee and Joy!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Big City

We had a great time in The Big City with Avery and her mom. We spent some good time with Grandma and aunts and uncles. We enjoyed time at the aquarium. The Belugas were especially amazing this trip. It was as f they were putting on a show for us. They were my favorite. The children really enjoyed them too.

The sea turtles are also a lot of fun. Wouldn't it be fun to be a sea turtle?
Pretty pink and purple starfish.

We ate at a 50s diner, bringing back memories for my sister and me since we both worked at a 50s beach diner for several years.
Mazie saw this bike rack outside the aquarium and said, "Look, an M for Mazie!"

Sunday, August 29, 2010


So, after driving through Auburn, we made our way to Grandma's house. She has some amazing trees in her yard. Out front is the biggest Holly tree I have ever seen. I had no idea a Holly tree could get so big. In her back yard is the biggest fig tree I've ever seen. It is so expansive and takes up a large portion of the back yard. It is a great place to explore and climb.

In our region of the country Brown Turkey figs are one of the best varieties to grow; my Grandmother taught me this. Fig trees love to be planted close to the house. In fact, the saying goes, they like to be able to hear you talk. This I learned from H's Grandmother and it's true. I had to learn it the hard way.
Lots of fun (and fragile!) things to play with at Grandma's.
Here are our best shots of Grandma with the four.

Here we all are smiling for the camera. We look forward to the next time we can all be together again.

Back to the Auburn Park

Keisel Park was one of my favorite places when I was living in the Auburn area. Even now, whenever we pass through town, I like to stop. It is great to let the children run around and get fresh air. Lately we've been picking up lunch and eating it at Keisel. After our picnic we walk around and see the fish pond, the garden, and all the pretty trees.

Here the girls are eating blueberries. "Yum City!"
Elliott was running around the garden paths. When he'd come to a junction, he'd say, "Which way should we go? Which way should we go?" Then he'd point one way and say, "That way," and off he'd go.
This basil makes me swoon with jealousy.
Below is a picture of the biggest sunflower I have ever seen.
A beautiful blue butterfly...
...that Elliott got to pet.
We had a great pit stop on our way to Grandma's. Lots of inspiration for this terrible gardener.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Avery Mae has been taking ballet lessons at home. While she was here she gave several recitals. She loves her ballet and is really refining her skills.
These first pictures are from an impromptu recital after our supper at Johnny Rockets. I wish I could remember the song; it was one of those upbeat tempo songs like "Rockin' Robin."

Here she is showing off her moves at her birthday party. We had lots of fun watching her and think she is very talented.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bawhk Bawhk

While Avery was with us I thought it might be fun for us to trek over to the stockyard and get some chickens. When Avery comes to visit I try to think of things to go that she doesn't get to do where she lives. I had been wanting us to get some chickens again and thought this would be a good time to go get them. It was a little bit of a trek, but I think it was worth it.
(Would you like some pepper sauce with your poultry?)
We went into the arena and watched the auctioning for about half an hour. That really felt like being in another time: the wooden folding seats, the smell of cigarette smoke mixed with manure, the hand-painted advertisements. While we were in there, the two men were auctioning off goats. I'd have loved to see the cattle being auctioned off. Maybe one day we'll all go back again.
We got a Barred Rock rooster and four hens of various varieties (is that redundant?). A Barred Rock is like a Dominecker but his comb is different. He is a big pretty thing with white and black feathers.
A failed attempt at a group shot.

Here the four are feeding the chickens scraps, trying to get them to come out of their transport kennel.

Here go Mama Bee and the four in their fannies and boots to take scraps to the chickens.