Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Sincerest Apologies

"Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more." Dr. Seuss

What follows this post is a gluttony of holiday photo posts. Clearly I knew no boundaries, and I apologize. I just wanted to fully document the wonderful holiday we had in Kentucky. Whether you look at all the pictures, skim through them quickly, or immediately move along to a better blog (my newest favorite is mabelshouse if you need a suggestion), H and the babes and I hope your holiday season was filled with much love and warmth and joy. We thank you for checking in on us.

Open House

In celebration of having all six of the grandkids in the house together, Dad and Linda had an Open House the night after Christmas. They had a good fifty friends come through for drinks, hors d'oeuvre, and company. The older grandkids really helped out watching the younger grandkids, giving parents a chance to visit.

Chris's wife Dana kindly tended to Lucia for part of the time, letting her fish for ice cubes in her glass.
Walter and Cynthia, good friends of Dad and Linda's from Indianapolis:
Wayne and LaDonna. Parents of a childhood friend of mine and pastor of the church I attended when we lived in Kentucky and that Dad and Linda attend now (though he just retired last year). He also married Dad and Linda.
The best shot of the six grandchildren. (Notice my glass of red wine that Elliott spilled down the front of this outfit.)
Lucia, annoying Avery with that pesky pointer finger she loves so much:
Thanks Dad and Linda for treating us to a wonderful holiday full of good food and great company. We had a memorable time and appreciate everything so much. We love y'all.

Random Shots

It is amazing that in the twelve picture posts I just made, I couldn't find a place for these few shots, but alas here they are. Pictures I didn't want to forget, random pictures of the time we had in Kentucky.

Lucia helping Grandpa on the computer:
Grandpa and Nanalin playing "Ride a Horsey" with the babies:
The children playing with a talking broom Nanalin had for them to play with:

Another Day of Christmas

Linda's son Chris has two beautiful girls, S and S. Their family came to visit the day after Christmas Day. They were very sweet with the babies, helping H and me out a lot. Lucia especially took to the older sister and Mazie to the younger sister. They were inseparable most of the evening.

E's Haircut

Elliott had this 1983 ducktail going on in the back of his hair so H and I thought a haircut was in order; we knew we could trust Grandpa to get the job done. Dad goes to a barber and we wanted Elliott's first haircut to be at a barber. Dad said Elliott did great and "never even made a whimper." Mark, Dad's barber, just shaped it up and thinned the back a bit. Elliott now looks as handsome as ever. Thanks Grandpa.

Christmas Day Photos

Above is a photo of H and me and our uncooperative babes with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece.
We had a delicious spread of food to celebrate the day.
The photo below is of Dad and Linda with Linda's daughter Amy and her husband Bill and their dog Cacy.

Clearly it gets cold in Kentucky.
Mazie really took to Bill. After he left to go back home, Mazie would ask for "Bih, Bih?"

Group Shot

Trying to get a good picture of three toddlers is hard. We've had a near impossible time getting a good shot of these four. I don't think we've gotten one yet. We'll keep trying though.
Mazie, unhappy from the beginning, finally gets her feelings hurt in this next series where her brother gives her an elbow. Finally she says "No more."


Here are some photos of Elizabeth Lu from Christmas day.


Here are photos of Elliott K. from Christmas afternoon.


Here are some photos of Mazie Bell taken Chirstmas afternoon.


We love to be with Karen and Jon and Avery. We always have a wonderful time together that is much too short. Here are some shots of my sister, her husband, and their seventeen-month-old.
Avery is very verbal. H feels like our babies came home more verbal from being around her. She has a great disposition and loves her parents very much. The four babes played very well together. Plus, Avery is a star dancer. She can spin around in a circle, a skill she taught our Mazie.