Thursday, March 31, 2016

Interests, March

We had a good time at the community Easter Egg Hunt.

Elliott is playing the pitching position in baseball this season. (He doesn't pitch; he fields from the pitching mound.) Lucia is playing first base in softball. I don't have any pictures of her yet, because I keep the book for most of her games. Mazie is taking tennis lessons one day a week.
We had third quarter honor roll this month. Lucia, Elliott, and Mazie all made all A's. Elliott and Mazie also won an art award.

The above picture was the winner for the second grade. Mazie drew it of Jerry the mouse.
Lucia's scene of a busy forest did not place, but it is beautiful with such lovely details.
Elliott won third place for his classroom with this picture of a shark, crabs, and a lighthouse.