Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I love Utah's motto : "Life Elevated." We absolutely loved our time in Utah. We spent five nights in Moab and spent two days in Arches National Park. If you haven't ever been, I can't recommend it enough. It is a remarkable place with overwhelming beauty. The abundance and variety of rock formations is almost overwhelming.

 We had two major goals for our trip. One to see my sister and her family. The other to see our wonderful, close friends who are living in Idaho. We rented a house on a golf course and hunkered up for a week of hiking and eating and catching up. The our time with them could not have been anymore wonderful and wee look forward to being with them again.

 The picture above and the four below were taken on our drive from Moab to St. George.

 The picture above begins the Arches and Moab pictures again.

 R&R and I took a detour one day and walked across the Colorado River. It kept calling to R and me, so we sunk off for an hour one day.
 Sweet R, below, with her sweet son, R. He is delicious.
 We enjoyed picnicking and climbing over rocks and hiking and a little soccer.

 Sand Angels.

 The Fiery Furnace.

 H and Mazie.

 S with our three watching Scooby-Doo. You can tell it is at a scary point because our girls are holding hands.

 Scrambling up to Double Arch.

 Me with R.

 Above is view of Delicate Arch.

 Our first day at Arches was great, though we were without S as she wasn't feeling well.

 I love me some hand-holders.

I love the picture above. I just may have to include it in our Holiday card this year.

 Picnicking near Balanced Rock.

 Our rental house was the first one on the street so we got to have a statue of a Coyote in our front yard. The four older children dressed him up and dressed him down. They had a birthday party for him. They changed him to a girl. That coyote had a lot of fun with these children.

 One fun thing we did on our trip was draw highlights from our day. We didn't do it every day, but it was always a great idea when we did pull out the art supplies. Each child has a binder with art from the trip. (I should post more on this later.)

I would be thoroughly happy to go back to Moab every year. It was such a wonderful part of our trip. Utah is such a unique and enjoyable place. I think the time of year we were there made it even better. Hopefully we will make it back again in the next few years.