Sunday, August 30, 2009

Banana Bread

We baked banana bread again recently. If I have any chance to add chocolate to a recipe, I do. So, we made banana bread with no nuts and extra chocolate chips. It was a very messy event. Two of the three dumped the baking powder out on the floor. (I have now added baking powder to my grocery list.)

Another thing that happened, this one a little funnier, was that I asked Lucia to bring the chocolate chips over; we needed to add chocolate chips to the batter. Before I could catch her, she threw the entire bag in the batter. She did, after all, understand what I told her. In the end, it was a fun activity with a delicious end.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Our Lu loves the water. We went to a birthday party for the J boys this past weekend at their pool. Elliott and Mazie were content to walk around the pool and take everything in. Lucia wanted to be in the water. She borrowed a life vest and T was sweet enough to swim around with her. We hope to get to the pool again before our summer heat disappears.

Our First Fish

When we lived in the fish house, we never took LEM out on the pier. They were too young. It wasn't worth the energy. Plus we didn't want them to think that was a place they could go. We kept them completely away from the water because it was so close.
This past weekend we went to Nana and Papa's for a fish fry. We took the kids out on the pier to enjoy some fishing. The time was very high energy. I pretty much ran interference while H helped them fish.
Elliott and Lucia both caught a fish--bream. And, by "caught," I mean, assisted...somewhat. But, they loved it and had a great time.
I was not on the pier when Lu caught her fish, so I only have photos of Elliott. Since we went out on the pier the three have asked to go fishing. I am sure it will be something we do again before too long.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nekkid Booty, Nekkid Booty

We usually go down for our nap right at one o'clock. I let the three play a while when they go down for their naps. They fill their cribs with dolls and animals and books. I encourage them to read to their charges. They talk and sing and bounce. I will let them do this for a while. If they don't start settling down within 30-60 minutes, then I'll go in and pull them out into the pak-n-plays that we have set up in the other two bedrooms. When they don't have any audience, they settle down much quicker.

Yesterday, after LEM had been down for a while, I went to listen at the nursery door. I heard lots of laughing and lots of "nekkid booty. nekkid booty." I opened the door and found Elliott and Mazie naked from the waist down. I redressed them and took the girls out and put them in the other two bedrooms. They all settled down quickly and went to sleep. When I went to peek in on them, I found Mazie had restripped. She was apparently intent on sleeping with a "nekkid booty." I left her to sleep peacefully. (And no, she did not wet in her crib.)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Healthy Breakfast

Here is an example of life with multiples and what a terrific mother I am. When we get up in the mornings we usually give the children a sippy cup of milk and H and I enjoy a cup of coffee. This particular morning the three had all had a cup of milk when they got up for the day. We'd been playing and hanging out and the time had gotten away from me. We should have already been dressed and outside playing. Elliott can reach the things on the counter now and had pulled a box of Cheerios onto the floor, spilling them everywhere.

I had a choice to make: I could sweep up the Cheerios and then fix LEM breakfast or I could kill two birds with one stone. You see what my choice was. I think it was the economical and environmental choice to make, as no food was wasted and no bowls and spoons needed to be cleaned. But, something tells me our singleton friends have never had to dine off the kitchen floor.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


We took the children to get their hair cut this week. We have several events coming up and the homemade haircuts we've been giving them have not gotten any better. One "friend" recently even offered to pay for Elliott to go get a haircut. So, we decided to leap in and take them to the hair garage, as H's Grandaddy used to call it.

They all did just fine and their hair looks Much better. Several people have commented on their new haircuts.

This was Mazie's first professional haircut and I think her do is the most improved. We are going to keep the girls' hair short for a while to let it thicken up. I think we'll be going back to see Miss Carmen instead of torturing all five of us from now on. H and I both agreed it was money well spent.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Visit to the Creek

We spent a few hours last Saturday out in the country. Well, further out in the country than we live. We went to walk around in the woods and play in the creek. It was a fun outing for us. The water was cool. There was a great bridge to cross. We even got to see little minnows swimming in the water.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Swing Set

The picture above is Lucia's expression when she saw the new (used) swing set we bought for them. It has three swings, a slide, ladder, and rock climbing platform. The children love the slide. They have a great deal of fun playing on it. Lucia loves to swing, the other two not so much. We think this was a good investment that is already paying off.