Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring of First Grade

Look at these gorgeous children. We are on the downhill slide to summer, first grade winding up. They have had a wonderful year. Lots of reading, math homework every night, piano lessons. Elliott played football in the fall. Lucia and Elliott played basketball for the first time this winter. Elliott is playing baseball (first year not playing Tball) this spring, and Lucia is playing softball (her first time every playing any type of softball) this spring. The girls have taken dance from Ms. Courtney this year for the third year.

Here are some photographs from this past week.

Elliott, today, at opening day for baseball.
 Lucia with her friend A on opening day. These two Diamond Divas combined to get several opponents out today. Lu on first, A at pitcher. It was very fun watching them play today.
 Our Lefty Lu. She got two singles and a double today (I think!).
 Elliott is playing machine pitch for the first time this year. He struck out twice and got a double. He has a great swing and is a fast runner.
 Lucia and Elliott after their games.

Elliott at second base.

This week our elementary school had third quarter honors assembly. We have been so lucky to have wonderful teachers for kindergarten and first grade. Lucia, Elliott, and Mazie are in the same class this year. It was worked out well. They have a wonderful teacher who does a great job with them. They love school. Lucia especially loves math and PE. Elliott loves both reading and math. He astounds us with his multiplication solutions. Mazie is on fire with her reading. Like sizzling and smoking. Below they are getting their A Honor Roll ribbons.

 Mazie and Lucia also won art awards. Mazie got first place for her class and Lucia got third place for her class.
 Mazie's picture in on the top row, between the two self-portraits. It is a picture of bees returning to their hive.
 Here is Elliott's picture that is lovely but did not place. It is also of bees and their hive in a tree. (He insisted he did not win because his picture was hung too high for the judges to really see well. {It was hung on a different hall for the judging.} He is our most competitive child, but he really isn't obnoxious about it. I promise!)
 Lucia drew the striped cat. Hello dynamic creature. (What if I swore to you that was her arm pointing at her picture. Would you believe me?)
Well, that is what we were up to this week. Loving these children and our wonderful lives with them. Maybe I will post again before we graduate high school...?