Sunday, January 10, 2010

Small Fortune

Here are some pictures of my recent trip to Wal-Mark (as Nannie and my children call it). My chest still hurts every time the cashier tells me the total. It is always painful.
This particular trip took place when we were low on a lot of items. We were pretty close to out of diapers, wipes, milk, oatmeal, wine--the staples.
I prefer to shop at Target, but Wal-Mart is 30-40 miles away (one in either direction) and Target is about 80 miles away. So, usually I only go to Target if I am in the big city for another reason.
When I go to shop I get a cart, go in and get non-grocery items--dog and cat food, diapers and wipes, paper towels, detergent, etc. I pay for those things, load them in my car, then take the cart back in for grocery items.
Almost all the time a cart equals roughly the same amount. It doesn't much matter what you fill a cart with, it'll run you about the same each time. At least that is my experience. The total for two carts of stuff usually equals my birthday (mdd). Yes, it truly is cardiac incident inducing.


AMY said...

First, let me begin by saying I will not criticize, make rude comments or hold it against you about shopping at "that place"...I totally understand your geographic location (It is what it is, right? I can't help it that I loathe "that place"). I love that Nannie and the kiddos call it Wal-Mark. funny stuff.

With that said, HOLY MACARONI!!! That's a lot of stuff! I honestly don't know how you do it. You both are amazing mothers. I could just sit and watch those babes all day, absolutely fabulous! Love you all!!

karen said...

I will say, having nearby Target, Albertsons, andTrader Joes along with a Whole Foods 2 blocks away, I alternatively go to the store multiple times a week and manage to spend at least your birthday, probably more, and I only have one kid. I do not envy your big trips, but you do a great job loading up the back of the wagon. xoxo