Monday, March 29, 2010

Art Time

When my sister and niece were here with us we did a couple of art projects. I saw a kit in a catalog for making hand pints on burlap. It was such a cute idea but a little pricey. So, I got the materials from a craft store and thought we'd try it for ourselves.
We cut burlap in pieces larger than the canvases and assigned each of the children a color and let them go at it one at a time. Once the paint was dry we used a staple gun to wrap the pieces around the canvases. Then on the back of each canvas we painted each child's name in their assigned paint color. We were happy with how they turned out.
My sister and I decided we'd give the gifts as Mother's Day presents.

One of Karen's friends writes one of my favorite blogs: Mother and Others. I got the idea for the Kool-Aid silks from Shalimar. Despite the chilly day, and the mamas making them do the dying outside, the children enjoyed the project.

I took the picture below to show how the silks suck the color out of the liquid. (Because I am a nerd, I thought this was interesting. The silks did not absorb all the vinegar and water, but did suck out the Kool-Aid color. How did they do that?)
When Jenny and her girls were here, we also made pine cone bird feeders.
Tia Karen brought fun stickers and papers and markers for us to play with.

Kylie's beautiful masterpiece. Isn't she talented?

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Grancy/Mom said...

I, also, find that fascinating that the silk would absorb the color but not the liquid!
If you find out how that works, please pass that along to me.
They seemed really to enjoy it, and the colors turned out great!
You do amaze me with all your creativity AND then doing it!!!
With all my love, Grancy/Mom