Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 40,

Downhill slide. That is what I am on--with the Big Four-Oh at the bottom. I thought it might be a good idea for me to check in with my Project 40 list. I've had to amend the list a bit. My knees are giving me trouble since I finished the half marathon in April. So, I am done with running--at least for a while. I don't plan to get all these finished by June, but during the year I am celebrating 40.

#=ones I'm working on
*=ones I've done
X=ones I'm not going to do

X1. Run a 5K
X2. Run a 10K
*3. Run a Half marathon
4. Go to New Orleans
*5. Sew a Skirt
6. Sew an Apron
7. Sew a Pillow
#8. Memorize 40 Poems
#9. Read Les Miserables
#10. Sew a Dress for my Girls

11. Go to Oxford, Mississippi
12. Visit Lazy Magnolia Brewery
13. Take a Long Weekend Alone (3 Nights!)
#14. Send Novel to Agents
#15. Send Short Story to Literary Review
*16. Listen to Live music at xx Theatre
17. Visit Flannery, Carson, or Eudora's Home
18. Plant Calla Lilies
*19. Hang Wallpaper
20. Eat raw, organic, or do a detox diet for one week

21. Learn Calligraphy
22. Read One Hundred Years of Solitude
#23. Try 12 recipes from The Gift of Southern Cooking
24. Go to Helen Keller's home
#25. Plant a Lemon Trees
26. Read a Hemmingway
27. Read a Faulkner
#28. Attend a Literary Conference
29. Eat at Float-Away
?30. Go to an EmmyLou Harris concert (as of now, the only dates she has within five hours of us are during a weekend we already have plans during.)

X31. Eat Oysters in Appalachicola (may need to be amended)
#32. Learn 12+ Birds that live in our area
#33. Learn 12+ Trees that grow in our area
34. Teach a writing workshop
35. Go through Pioneer Woman's photography archives
36. Start Bee Hives
37. Watch last season of Six Feet Under
#38. Be able to do 40 Push-Ups
39. Make Mole' Sauce
40. Make a Video of my children's first 4 years

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WEW said...

how many pushups can you do soldier? and are you going to do 40 at one time? maybe i should get on board with this!