Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Grandma Livvy

A little bit before Easter, the three and I went to see my beautiful Grandma. My sweet Aunt Nita organized a big easter egg hunt for Lucia, Elliott, Mazie Bell, and my cousin's son Evan (who my children called Kelvin the entire time?!?). They had lots of fun finding eggs and playing with little easter toys.
Mazie, Elliott, Lucia, and Kelvin (I mean Evan) with their spoils.

One of Lucia's treats was an orange carrot filled with bubbles and a wand. The child could not have been happier. She seriously thought this was the greatest thing she'd ever seen.
Mazie Bell showed Grandma Livvy some of her ballet moves.
We had a great time visiting the family and look forward to going back soon.

The day before Easter we went to an easter egg hunt at our church. We had a great turn out of children and enjoyed our time with everyone.

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