Friday, August 19, 2011

Sayings, v.3.11

I have been an absentee blogger, but not an absentee parent. I've been collecting, collecting their delicious little sayings and verbal mishaps.

Here they are from the past several months.

One of the things I absolutely love about their age is listening to them. The singing. The word games they make up. All the repetition. Elliott went through a phase in the early summer where he would walk around saying "Scratch could eat no patch. Scratch could eat no patch." I am pretty sure it came from "Jack Spratt."

When saying "Jack and Jill," all three of them say "Petch a fail of water."

Mazie, upset and crying: "My socks felled me down."

Mae, asked if she could put shoes on, I said no. She said, "I'll just wear my feet."

I couldn't find Elliott. I looked and found him in my chocolate stash. He said, "I was just eating some chocolate for you."

H is on the local fire department. All three call it the Fire Mapartment.

One night Lu got upset because H had to leave during our bedtime routine to go on a fire call. Lu wanted to know why BeeBee had to leave. I told her someone was in trouble and Bee was going to help them. She said, "You know why Bee went on the fire mapartment? A monster is in trouble because he got bleed on his self and he went in the house and got stuck...." The story kept going.

Then five minutes later she was telling her brother and sister, "You know what I think is in trouble? A dolphin is in trouble. He's stuck in a house. He is stuck under a shelf because...."

Elliott will ask, "What's the problem?" For example, when he was trying to pull the drying rack up the stairs and it wouldn't come, he asked himself, "Hey, what's the problem?"

When scooping cookie dough out to make cookies, Elliott asked me about his large clump of dough, "Is this way too much big?"

Lu: "Those are old and break-ed."

One day Elliott asked me, "Can I go check on my baby chicken or none?"

When Elliott was talking to himself one day I asked him who he was talking to. He said, "I'm just talking to my whole self."

Lucia was doing a little number game. I told her, "Lucia, you got two right." She said to me, "And I got two ears."

Lucia and Elliott were playing. Lucia said, "I don't have enough." Elliott reassured her with, "I have some-nuff."

Lucia came into the kitchen one evening to tell me, "A detavarium is a doctor of animals."

Lucia and Mazie were building something and they wanted Elliott to wait until they were finished and then come see it. "OK," he told them, "I'm going to eat my breakfast. Call me when I'm ready."

On a walk Elliott told me, "It's going to rain in eighty-fifteen seven minutes." He is always telling me something is going to happen in eighty-fifteen minutes.

Elliott fell off his scooter. He came to me upset, saying, "Mazie was pushing me way much too fast."

Lucia was playing with her chicken. The chicken gave her a little peck. She told me, "She didn't bit it really able. She just bit it tiny."

Mazie wanted to eat a snack on the couch. She said to me, "I can eat grapes on the couch. Can I do that idea?"

Mazie is always saying, "BeeBee (or Mama), I can't wait to tell you this...."

The three also still have no concept of time. They still say things like "last morning, the other day..." whenever they want to speak of anything that happened in the past.

One Saturday afternoon, Lucia told H, "Bee, look out. There is a gorillagator in our house. Don't wake him up."

Elliott was on the couch, getting frustrated. "I didn't have much comfortable," he told me when I asked what was wrong.

Lucia and Mazie love to color. I have to remind them to only write on paper. One day Lucia told me, "I have marker on me, but it doesn't mind."

I put a sheet over the dining room table one morning to make a fort. Elliott said, "Mama, don't go under the table."
"Why?" I asked.
"Because I don't want you to see something," he said.
He had a glass of sweet tea under the table.

Here he is again, telling on himself. They are not supposed to take food or drinks to their rooms.
Coming out of his room, he said to me, "Mama, I need a flashlight."
Me: "Go get it out of your room."
He asked, "The juice cup?"
Me: "Uhmm, well, yes."

At the beach, Mazie, talking about a boat going by, said, "Let's see what it doo-ses" for does.

Also at the beach Mazie pointed to some barnacles and told me, "They are called miracles."

One day at lunch, Lucia asked me, "Can you hot the tacos up in the oven?"

Lucia, talking about noodles, said, "I'm not use the swishes ones because they are pissahtate." (I have no idea what she meant.)

H was whispering something into Elliott's ear. He swatted her away and said, "Quit Bee. It'll come out my nostril and I'll have to go to the dentist."

Trying to help out on evening, Mazie told me that she would "separate the table." (Set the table.)

Lucia is our little leader. One day we were at home, our home, and Mazie said, "I have to go poo poo." Lucia offered up her services, "Do you know where the bathroom is? It is right now the hall by the straight."

One night at bedtime, Elliott said to me, "If I get scared, and you hear me calling you with your ears, come get me." Of course, I said, "I will baby."

One night the moon was reflecting in the pond. Mazie said to me, "Look. The moon fell in the water."

We were at the beach for the Fourth of July. Lucia called it the "North of July." Elliott called it "Jorth of Lye." One day Lu told me not to eat the strawberries, they were for North of July.

I asked Elliott one day during rest time if he wanted me to bring him some trucks to play with. "Just maybe eleven or five," he said.

Lucia pointed to a number on a tape measure and asked me, "Is it this many inches long to Mississippi?"

Lucia picked some flowers for me. She said, "Let's put them on the table so we can join them."

Elliott received a bunch of hand-me-downs. In one of the bags was a pair of cowboy boots that look like ones another boy in town wears. "Look," he said, "I think K was riding with Santa and his tray and he came to put them in my closet."

H was in the bathroom attached to Elliott's bedroom. She was in there one night while he was reading in his bed. He finished reading Jamberry, closed the book and nodded his head and said, "I like it. Absolutely. I like it."

One day we'd been out side. Lucia wanted to come inside and drink. What she was trying to say was that she wanted to drink out of a big glass cup. What she said was, "Mama, can I drink out of a big ass cup." I said, "Sure, Baby, let's go get you one.

The individual shots of the three were some I found on my phone one day. When I showed them and asked what they were doing, they said they were practicing their mad faces.


Grancy/Mom said...

What a joy and priviledge to be around them! There is no way you could ever get bored.
With Love,

belle said...

Welcome back my friend. II have misssed you greatly. ILY, AP

belle said...

Welcome back my friend. I have greatly missed you! Love ,AP