Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Green Beans

I've told Elliott he can eat the entire green bean; I really have. I've even picked one up off his plate and shoved it in my mouth, demonstrating the proper (efficient) way to eat green beans. The lesson will not stick though. Elliott peels open each green bean on his plate and eats the little inside beans, piling the outer casings on the table.

I wonder what this says about his personality. I like to think it means he is diligent. I am not sure though, if that is what this behavior means.


GrandPa said...

I think it means he likes to find out how things work and that he will be a "Ramblin' Wrek and a Hellava Engineer" one day.....I WISH!!!!!!!!Go Jackets!!!luall, G'PA

AMY said...

I agree with GrandPa...he's quite the engineer (and getting his veggies at the same time!). Love and miss you all bunches