Sunday, November 7, 2010

Artists and Bangs

On our way to the beach in September, Lucia said, "Look, Mama. I drew a cyclop." I turned and looked and saw her one eye creature. Then she said, "Let me put a shoe on him" and drew the shoe below him. Of course I had to pull over and take a picture of my Lu and her cyclop.
For the three's birthday, my sister and her family gave us MagnaDoodles. Avery had one when she visited us and LEM loved it. Well, now they get to love their own. They are great toys because they are easy to handle and operate. I don't have to tend to them if they are playing with their MagnaDoodles. This makes them great for travel.
Over Halloween weekend the girls were playing with theirs. Lucia drew a cat and Mazie drew a monster. I thought they were pretty good.
Tangentially: I included both pictures of Mazie to show her bangs. I am not a fan of bangs on my children. Somehow Mazie started out with bangs so we've been trying to grow them out. She has fine hair so barrettes don't stay in really well. Unfortunately the above picture is how she often looks. The picture below was taken after H told me to get her hair out of her face. We've been growing her bangs out for what seems like a year. Over the Fourth of July weekend we left the three so we could have a night away. When we came back to get them Someone--who will remain unnamed--had decided to cut Mazie's bangs to get them out of her face. So, we were back to square one. Now they are about to the length they were in July. They won't be grown out for the holidays, but maybe by Easter.

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Reckless said...

Love the new pictures and sayings. Cute! Not a fan of bangs on my kids either. Miss Proper cut bangs once in first grade, and we let them grow out immediately. Finished The Help in one night. Don't know what took me so long to get started on it. Now, I'm on to The Orchid Thief. I'll let you know how it is...