Thursday, November 4, 2010

sayings, v. 3.4

Bubby to H: Can we watch one episode?
H: Go ask Mama.
Me: I don't know bubby. It is so pretty outside.
Bubby went back downstairs to H and said: I think she said yes.

Mazie: I'm gonna have (instead of behave)

Lucia calls restaurants meetings or restrooms. So, she is always saying: Let's go to the meeting and eat or How 'bout we go to the restroom for lunch.

Lucia: I saw a handicrane. (What she calls cranes.)

Mazie: I want to separate the table. (set the table)

Lucia: Hey Mama, where's the goph? (ghost)

Elliott to one of his sisters: Hit the stool. Hit the stool. Don't hit me; I might cry.

Lucia, when I ask her a question, like What state does Avery Mae live in: she'll whisper, You tell me.

Elliott, with a flashlight in hand: I can look through the dark with this.

Me to Lucia and Mazie: We are going to vote.
Lucia: We are going to the river?

Lucia loves the word similar. She says it all the time. She'll say things like 'Mazie and Maggie start the same. They are similar.' She'll also use it incorrectly, like 'Tree and chair are similar.'

Mazie: Yes, I'm appreciate it.

Lucia: When we are driving will ask every few miles: What state are we in now? Sometimes she'll say What steak are we in now?

Me, when the wind was blowing the leaves down from the trees: Look at the pretty leaves.
Lucia: That means it's fallen time.
Also lately when the wind blows she'll say: It's windy. That means it's winter time.

In the pictures above, Elliott made himself an onion mustache and goatee and kept saying, "I am the doctor. I am the doctor." (Our pediatrician is a female and she does not have facial hair.)

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karen said...

love it. especially the first one. also avery will do the same as lucia and if we ask a question she doesn't know the answer to, she says "can you tell me?". loved reading this. xoxo