Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza

We went to Disneyland almost six months ago. For four months--and I am not exaggerating--for four months every night when I would go in to tuck Lucia in to bed, she'd ask "tell me about the Disney stuff." I go through and talk about parades, rides, food, characters. One thing she loved to hear about was how the two of us got to ride on the Dumbo with the orange saddle.
While we were at Disney, my sweet sister treated us all to breakfast with Goofy. There they served waffles shaped like Mickey Mouse and lots of foods that aren't typically served for breakfast (i.e. dessert!). One thing that was really neat was that they served pizza--a macaroni and cheese pizza and a peanut butter and jelly pizza.
I thought I would try to make them at home. I started with the PBnJ. I just bought a ready-made pizza crust. I slathered it with peanut butter then jelly. You see, I am very smart. I figured it out all by myself! Seriously, the only thing I really learned that might be of interest if you wanted to try a PBnJ pizza is to let it cool a few minutes so it sets up. It was pretty slidey when I served it warm. One other thing I did was add sliced strawberries when it came out of the over. Bananas would be good too.
Give it a try. You'll like it. And I'll let you know when we try the mac&cheese pizza.

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