Friday, April 22, 2011


We've gotten a few bites about reality shows. Nothing too strong, but we don't ever pursue them. The thing is, we might look fascinating to a few people on paper, but the day to day of our lives is quite uneventful.

We recently had a day that would have been great for television. After hearing too much quiet for much too long, I went searching and found the three in the bathroom. In the tub was three sticks of room temperature butter, coffee grounds, tea leaves (still haven't figured out where they came from, as I never found the bags), cooked spaghetti, and a jar of agave nectar (good thing that stuff was deemed unhealthy last month!). H was napping. I was unhappy. Then, Elliott had an upset stomach all over himself, groceries still in the tub. Luckily H woke up at that time to help.

We got Elliott and the tub cleaned up. H went in to use the restroom. She came out and said, "Apparently they put agave all over the toilet seat too."

Fun days. We wouldn't change a thing.

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Christy said...

Too funny! I need to remember the toilet seat trick for April Fools next year:)