Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite Photos of 2011


Grancy/Mom said...

Dearest Family,
Sitting here with tears running down my face at the beautiful images.
They are SO special!
Some of my favorites are:
Elliott with Mo - so sweet and what a special
picture to remember Mo
Mazie leaning over pier rail
Lucia and Mazie leaning on each other.
Love, Grancy/Mom

Grancy/Mom said...

H and Mazie
Elliott with the fresh picked flowers behind his back
Lu in her tutu
Mazie's triumphant arm up
Elliott and Mazie holding hands in their soccer
Elliott figuring out how to build the tallest tower ever!
Way to go, Elliott!
Thanks so much for sharing thiese wonderful pictures.
My love to each of you, Grancy/Mom