Monday, December 12, 2011

This is Us

One of my favorite love songs is "This is Us" by Mark Knopfler and EmmyLou Harris. A couple is looking back through the photo album of their life, reminiscing all the fun, crazy, wonderful times they had. Here are some of my favorite photos from the past months.

We have a bald eagle hanging out at our pond. He is beautiful and majestic. We are all so happy when we get to see him. He loves to sit in trees, and he is a very good fisher. We hope he stays for a while.
Grancy came for a visit and we had a lovely time with her.

Like you, we have been busy and enjoying life. As our small town life affords us, we've had several fun parades. We were most excited about the Christmas parade as we get to glimpse the big man in the flesh.

Lu was all about riding in the fire truck with her Bee. We tried to get her to march with the baton girls but she thought the rescue truck would be more fun.
We picked out our Christmas tree at our favorite farm over Thanksgiving weekend.

The three love taking scissors to just about anything. The netting on the tree was lots of fun. We had a gift left on our fireplace the morning after Thanksgiving. An elf we've named Tucker. Our favorite thing about Tucker is finding him in the morning.
Lu went to a dance camp one Saturday morning and had a great time.

We went to a lovely fall farm wedding. Everything about it was wonderful, especially playing on the round bales.

Halloween was fun. We were mermaids and a diver. Everyone did a good job manipulating their costumes.

We have acquired quite a few cats. The children love them to pieces.
My sweet girl Mazie loves fairies and mermaids.
The girls love drawing and all things art. Below Mazie has drawn a picture of "Lucia when she's older."

We went camping for the first time to help a good friend celebrate a big birthday.

We played soccer for the first time this fall. Mazie wasn't sure she wanted to play. She sat out the first practice but then decided she wanted to play with her brother and sister. I loved seeing their personalities. Mazie, who I often think is quite shy, was very much into the performance aspect of the game. Every time she touched the soccer ball, or even got near it, she would run over to us to make sure we saw or turn and wave to us.
Elliott would at times get into the game but he could easily be distracted by an ant hill or an orange cone or the moon coming up over the trees.
Lucia got the game the most. She really seemed to see the big picture of what was supposed to happen. She was intent of doing well but also had fun.
H and I really enjoyed watching them improve during the season. I think we will play spring soccer also.
My sister and her family came for a visit. Isn't this little Landon adorable? He is just as happy as he is cute. He has a lot of my dad and my dad's brothers to his look. We loved getting to spend time with him and getting to know his personality.

If I was to look for a silver lining in the dark cloud that is living so far from my sister, I'd say it would be getting to share novel aspects of our lives. When we visit Avery, we get to experience pieces of her life in Southern California that we don't have. When Avery visits us, we try to give her the Gulf and country experience. Avery really got into collecting cicada shells this visit. She also enjoyed feeding the goats and horses. We planted acorns in hopes that they would grow into big trees. We tried to lure the fox squirrel with a variety of nuts. We can't wait until we get to show Avery and Landon more of our world.

Below is the first photo of the now five grandchildren. Come back and see us soon, Tia Karen, Uncle Jon, Cousin Avery, and Baby Landon. We miss you every day.

Lucia loves to change clothes. She changes multiple times a day. Often she will wake up in different pajamas than she first went to bed in.
We were going to go to New Orleans to celebrate the three's fourth birthday but a storm decided to come through. So, we stayed home and celebrated on our own.

Below: My girls on their first day back at dance. The three with their new kittens--strays H found in town. One-Eyed Jack came first and then H found his sister in the same spot a few weeks later. Her name is Jill. My Mazie, caught under her bed with my make-up, trying to look like one of the most beautiful women the world has ever known. And, lastly, my sweet Bubby man, bringing me a bouquet of gardenias.

Sorry the pictures are a bit out of order and jumbled. I am, apparently, out of practice with uploading photos onto the blog.


Grancy/Mom said...

Thanks for sharing all these photos. It is great to have such a variety, too.
They make me miss y'all so much!
The one with Mazie tilting her head looks SO much like you, K, when you were little. So beautiful!
Sending y'all all my love, Grancy

Loving Landon said...

My gosh how big have they gotten. What beautiful young ladies and such a handsome young man they are growing up to be. Looks like you guys are having a fine time - love to you all SAL

Reckless said...

i've missed you. my how they have grown.

karen said...

Love this post. Love all the pictures. We miss y'all every day too.