Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Room for New

We have been some busy little bees. The children have needed children's rooms. We switched houses almost two years ago and we'd done nothing to their rooms. So, we decided to undertake the project. Each child got to choose their wall color and their theme. Mazie chose Pink Raspberry and mermaids.
I must say the color Mazie chose made me throw up a little in the beginning. It is very bright and very pink. But now that the room is done, I love it. I think the girl's got vision and style. It is such a happy color and the room suits her great. And our little girl loves mermaids more than anything, and has for a while. She'll often put her feet together and tuck them behind her saying, "Mama, this is how a mermaid sits."
She is now the proud owner of a desk that H's dad build. She loves keeping her stuff in it. We hope Mazie has many hours of delight and relaxation in her bedroom.
Lucia was wavering too much in her (lack of) decisions, so we are giving her a little more time to decide on her room details. She has committed to light pink walls and lots of polka dots. She just can't seem to decide among princesses, ballerinas, fairies, princess ballerinas, polka dot fairies, or pink and purple fairy ballerinas. We will let you know what she goes with.
Elliott picked a fantastic blue for his walls and he wanted super heroes. I love how his room turned out.
I tried to make a lot of the elements of their rooms. Pinterest was a tremendous help. How did we function before Pinterest?

The posters over the bed have batman sitting on the left building and spider man swinging toward the right building.

My dad gave us this chalkboard several years ago. It came out of his office. For the past two years it has been on the back porch/play room. They didn't use it much because there was always junk in front of it. All three love playing with it. They love to draw with chalk and they love to get a paint brush and water and paint (or clean) it.
We hope Elliott has many hours of enjoyment in his new bedroom. He is our super hero.

Happy Leap Day!

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Grancy/Mom said...

Love the pix. The flags on the chalkboard are a cute idea. Is that blue plaid from your old bathrobe? If so, then even cuter!
Know that Mazie and Elliott love their new rooms! Tell them that they both did a GREAT JOB picking out their colors. You and H did a wonderful job with the everything else!
Give LEM each a big hug and kiss from me.
With all my love for each of you 5, Grancy