Thursday, February 16, 2012

To Grandma Livvy's House We Go

I promised my grandma we would go see her some time in January. (On our way to her house the week before Christmas, Lucia started throwing up and we had to turn back.) So, with the end of January approaching, I loaded us up and we headed her way. Like a terrible granddaughter, I took No pictures of my children with my Grandma. We must go back soon so I can.
The three and I did go into the big city for a day and had a great time. My aunt went with us to the children's museum, Centennial park, and to get a frosted orange. We had a fantastic time.
H and I took the babes to the children's museum when they were much younger--probably at least two years ago. It was fun to take them back and notice some of the differences in their interests and skills. This trip they were not into the food area or the dress-up area like they were before.
There were some new stations that we enjoyed--like moon sand* and milking a life-size cow.

For the first hour we were there, a lot of school children were there. It was loud and busy. I really noticed a difference in my three once the commotion filed out. Elliott especially was able to concentrate on a task much better. He spent about 90 seconds at the moon sand when the museum was rocking. Once it cleared out, he sat there for 30 minutes working on building the tallest tower he could.

The painting area was new too. The Girls especially enjoyed it.

Elliott loved the crane and balls and gutters and pulleys. He spent most of his time there with my aunt.
Lucia enjoyed working in her garden.
Mazie stopped to enjoy some gears. Maybe she has a little Grandpa in her?

*We have made moon sand since we've gotten home. I had seen a recipe on the internet and tried a batch one day when we had a little friend coming over. All moon sand is is 8 cups flour to 1 cup baby oil. It feels great. We played with it outside, so I am not sure how the clean-up is on it. It doesn't stick to your hands though, or make them oily.

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Loving Landon said...

So much fun! Landon loves the CM! Next time you guys are in town drop us a line we would love to see you!