Friday, May 15, 2009

Elliott's Current Obsession

Elliott is currently obsessed with tractors. He will spend long periods of time going through the tractor trader magazine his Papa Glenn brought him. He loves for us to read him the different ads: "2003 John Deere. 840 hours. 64 horsepower. 90% tires. 6500c3." He loves to look for tractors when we are driving and he often makes his tractor sound flapping in the back of his cheek. We hope all this means he will be wanting to cut the grass when he is old enough.


amy said...

He is definitely all BOY!!! I love how he is reading the tractor magazine--too cute!

Loving Landon said...

Love that he loves tractors!

Landon does the same thing with the Car magazines you find outside restaurants. Everywhere he see's one he needs to get one!