Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mi Casa es Casa Nueva

Our big change is that we have traded houses: from a one bedroom, one bath house to a three bedroom, two bath house; from a 900 square foot house to a 2500 square foot house; from a house 25 feet from a five acre pond to a house 150 yards from that pond.
When we moved to H's hometown five years ago, H oversaw the building of our quaint little Fish House. We loved living here; the space was perfect for the two of us. And really, it was great for the five of us. But when we were presented with the option of trading houses and moving into the house H grew up in, we thought it might be a good switch.
So yesterday, we had about 25 people and four pick-up trucks with trailers choreographed to swap the furniture of our house with the furniture of H's parents' house. We provided snacks, drinks, lunch, and a raffle prize.
We greatly appreciate those who offered their time, brain, sweat, cooking, and kindness. Thank you for helping us with our transition.
We hope you will be able to come visit us in our new home very soon.

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Loving Landon said...

what a big change and grand adventure. how great that ELM get to live and grow in the same house H did.

Hope everyone is getting settled...