Friday, June 12, 2009

Big Baby

Mazie is a mother. She loves her babies. She loves to nurture and care for her babies (and her siblings). Her current favorite child is Big Baby. She loves to feed, change, and care for her Big Baby.

The past week Mazie has been taking Big Baby to bed with her. One night we had put the babies to bed for the night and Lucia was having a hard time settling down. H was in the nursery rubbing Lucia's back when she heard something hit the floor behind her. Mazie softly said, "Uh Oh." Then a little louder from Mazie, "Uh Oh." She kept escalating with her "Uh Oh"s until H felt she had to leave Lucia to see what was upsetting Mazie. When she got to Mazie's crib, H discovered that Big Baby's leg had fallen off and was lying on the floor. After the appendage was reattached, the girls settled back down.

Big Baby is a faithful companion for our Mazie Bell.

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Mom/Grancy said...

Dearest ones,
Thanks for the pix of Mazie and "Big Baby."
She holds the doll like she is a real baby which is so different from the way the other 2 do. She just seems to have a natural ability as a mother.
It is SO cute to see her carrying around that doll that is almost as big as she is!
Hope all of you are well and not getting too hot.
All my love, Grancy/Mom