Sunday, June 21, 2009

Log Truck

Raising children in the country is like raising children anywhere: life requires a bit of creativity and mustered-up enthusiasm. For us, events like the garbage truck coming down our dirt road, a Blue Jay sitting outside our picture window, even thunder rumbling off in the distance, are things we take note of and often get very excited about.
So, when we had two family friends of H's come to cut some trees that were too close to our house, the enthusiasm was palpable. We were able to watch them cut the trees, drag the trees, lift the trees, even push the trees over with a tractor. It was lots of fun for these country kids and their mamas. This stick-to-the-routine-above-all-else mama even postponed naptime for a good half hour. The last photo is of Elliott riding with his Uncle Bubba in the log truck.

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