Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Big Parade

The babes and I headed south for a few days to celebrate Mardi Gras with some Grandparents. Grandpa and NanaLin are spending a little time on the Gulf of Mexico this winter. So, the three, Nana, and I joined them for a long weekend of Mardi Gras-ing.
I must say that our three are Really into parades right now. They often play parades. They will collect a bunch of small toys (like alaphabet magnets) and one of them will get up on the couch or a step and throw candies to the other two. They talk about parades a lot.
NanaLin bought Lucia, Elliott, and Mazie these great Mardi Gras hats in New Orleans. They loved wearing them all weekend.
Our first parade was this night parade on a very cold Saturday evening. We had a great time and got a lot of beads. The only other parades we've been to have been in our hometown, so we felt like we were at the big time. And we were.

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