Friday, October 15, 2010

A La Playa

Every year, for the last seven years, we get together on the coast for a week with our Atlanta friends. We all lived in Atlanta for several years and built strong friendships. Now none of us live in Atlanta; we are scattered throughout three time zones. This is our seventh year to get together. A feat we are all proud of.
Another thing that we are proud of is that in three years (three years and one month to be exact) we have had eight children. Of course, H and I did more than our part to up the numbers. Eight children from five pregnancies in three years. I was worried we wouldn't all even be able to have a meal together this year, but each of the three nights we were all together the adults all sat down for a meal.

Lots of playing and reading and baby-loving went on. We loved getting to know our two new members--a four-month-old and an almost-three-month-old. Also this was our first year with Whit's girls as they were just about to arrive during last year's beach week. We look forward to next year, glad to be together again.

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