Sunday, October 3, 2010


Here are our recent sayings that I love:

Lu: Elliott has the choate mah roll (remote control).

lem: look there's the pledge of allegiance to the flag
some times they add of the united states of america.

E: "You not get a lollipop!" He says it whenever he gets mad at someone, even H and me. Lollipop withdrawl is the worst injury he thinks can be inflicted.

Lu" "We're in hind the mom." (We're behind mom.)

E: After hiding some candy: "Guys, you'll never forget it."

E: Friderday for Friday.

Mazie: "I want to tell Bee it's forty-to-clock," to me. Then she ran in the bedroom to wake H up saying, "Bee! It's forty-to-clock!"

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