Friday, February 4, 2011

Loved, deeply

One of my favorite blogs* is having a ...not sure what to call it. It isn't a contest. An invitation, maybe? You can read about it here: Jeanne's All Four Love invitation. Basically there is a different love-inspired theme each Friday. You post photos that you feel fit the theme. So, I thought I would participate. A fun way to get me back in the habit of posting regularly and in "real time"!


When we were at Disneyland my nice Canon SRL camera was stolen. Stolen is a euphemism for: "she set it down outside a restaurant, she is pretty sure, and when she went back two hours later it was not there!" The police were very kind to not make me feel like the complete idiot I knew I was. And, the nice hotel guest attendant working the night shift didn't make me feel dramatic when I cried to her at 11:00pm that I had lost my purse with my new sunglasses, $300 cash, and my expensive camera that had hundreds of Disney photos on it (the camera and pictures were the real reason for the tears).** Like I said, I wasn't 100% sure where I'd left it.
So, I finally spill all those beans to say that my pictures for All Four Loved are taken on my iPhone (which I had luckily, uncharacteristically put in my jacket pocket that night rather than in my purse), so they are not the best. Still, they represent some of the ones I love deeply.

We have been sick, sick, sick for over a week. So, the pictures of my precious creatures certainly capture real life. Here is Mazie, having fallen asleep on the couch.

Here are Lucia and Elliott sharing a snack of jelly bellies.
Showing their favorite colors: blue and orange. Sharing makes them happy--and me even more happy!
My final photo for my loved deeply photos is of our chocolate lab Molasses. The beginning of the year we lost our sweet Sipsey, Molasses' daughter. Sipsey was about to turn 13 years old. Molasses will turn 16 in September. I know my time with Mo is running out, and I know that I will likely never have a dog as wonderful as her. One of the biggest regrets I've had since having our three is how little attention my dogs get. For a long time my babies, our labs were displaced when we brought home three tiny babies. Since Sipsey is no longer with Mo, I try to spend a little time with her every day, make sure she is okay and that she knows she is loved--deeply.I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of a few of those who I love deeply. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with those you love deeply.

*There are many reasons to visit her site, one being the great playlist you can listen to. She has great (or my?) taste in music.

**After returning home, I remembered that my personalized embossed leather bracelet that I bought at a fair in fourth grade was in there too. Major bummer.

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