Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sayings, v.3.5.2

Old habits do die hard. This morning I found a few sayings I'd jotted down in the notes section of my phone. Here they are:

Last weekend we were able to get outside for a couple hours. We spent some of that time raking up pine straw to put around our blueberry bushes. I think Elliott meant important when he said the following: "We don't have to bring the rake; that's not impositive."

Lucia says ya a lot. As in, "I'm gonna come get ya" and "I'll pick up the sweater for ya." But, she enunciates ya like it is the most important word in the sentence, rather than slurring and slanging it. It makes me laugh.

This is one of my favorite things right now--Lucia uses "in cep" instead of "because." She never wavers. "Can we go to the park, in cep it's not raining?" "Mazie can't go to school in cep she's sick." "I can't eat my oatmeal right now in cep it's hot."

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