Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sayings, v. 3.5

So I lost my camera in December, and then, about a few weeks ago, the notes file on my phone where I record things the children say that I want to remember "disdapearred." I can remember nothing. So if someone says something, I go straight to my phone and type it in. So, it had tons and tons of bits the babes had said that I wanted to document.

Blogging bummers.

So here is what I can remember, or what they've said the past week or two. Now, I just go straight to blogger, when I can, and type it right into a draft entry. I hope you enjoy some of the things I've been enjoying lately.

Funny Sounding Words

Lucia loves to get the window cleaner and spray the French doors that go from the living area to the back porch. One night she said: "I also wanna spray the dob nor so it'll be clean."

Me: Where is Bubby?
Lu: He is brushing his teeth. He is scqueeping toothpaste.

Mae: Dox-og-o-ly for Doxology.

Lucia: "Elliott threw that juice. It went sploosh."

Time and Amounts
Lu & Mae have both said: "Will you lay down with me five times?" instead of five minutes.
Mazie also has asked: "Will you lay down with me five hours?"

When Mazie had her hands full, she asked me, "Mama, can you bring my toy 'cause I've got two hands."

All three of the children, whenever talking about the past, say "last night the other day." What they are talking about could have been last night or three months ago. Doesn't matter. It is always introduced as "last night the other day."

Tense and Form of Words

About our gingerbread house, Lucia said, "Our candy house is not working because it's felling."

Lucia has also said, "She's gonna be worrious about that."

Mazie loves to go to parks and playgrounds. There is a city park by the high school stadium where we went to the homecoming game this year. Mazie always asks, "Mama, can we go to the park by the Auburn game?" Evidence that in our house, Auburn=Football.

I have been working with Lucia on not saying "What?" when she needs me to repeat something I've just said to her. I am forever correcting her, saying "Please say 'Ma'am?' or 'Pardon?'". The girls were in the back bathroom doing something, I said to them, "When y'all get finished, come in the kitchen, we need to do something." Lucia looked at me quizzically and asked, in a manner not polite enough for my taste, asked, "For what?" I gave her a look, apparently the same look I give her when I am about to correct her for saying, "What?" because she immediately changed her question to a more pleasant, "For pardon?"

At Christmas I put an little artificial wreath on our wooden horse. It had two pieces of fake peppermint candy attached to it. The children, especially Elliott, fixated on that candy, driving me pure bonkers. They were always detaching the "candy" and trying to unwrap it. After too many days of this, I caught Mazie and Elliott hiding under the couch cover "eating" the "candy."
Frustrated, I said, "Are you kidding me?"
Elliott immediately handed Mazie the candy and said, "No, Mazie is kidding you."
Frustration relieved.

Various Wording
I often tell my children, "you are killing me" when they are driving me psuedo-crazy. Elliott has started saying, "you are killing on me."
He also will run around with a ball and, trying to get Lucia to chase him, say, "touch me down, Lucia. Touch me down."

Mazie asked, "Mama, where's my rest of snack?"

On the couch one afternoon, Mazie told Elliott she'd share her blanket, "Bubby, I can share your blanket with me."

This is one thing I love that the girls both do. When I tell them something like, "Mazie, you can get those out, but at the end of rest time you have to clean them up," she'll answer with "I would." Or, if I say, "Lucia, I don't want you to get up on the counter again," she'll say, "I wouldn't." As if, I wouldn't even dream of it. I think it is so cute.

Melange of Funny
Me: "Lucia, you did so great." (picking up crayons)
Lu: "I know. I'm not going to believe it."

I've heard all three of them say: "That's a positive; that's a positive." I am not exactly sure what they mean, but they seem to understand each other.

My sweet Mazie will say, "Look, chocolate. Mama, you and I love chocolate."

Mae: "Mama is this a pig? She has an oink nose."

One day Lu called the remote control the commode all day.

Bubby, leaning out window of Nana's car: "Hey Mama. Remember not to say any bad words." He has taken to telling me this when he leaves me. I think because I am always reminding him of something when I leave him: "Mind your teachers." He has fixated on the not saying bad words requests I give him. Bad words to him are "shut up" and "shoot". I do think he's overheard me fire off a few times though, because a few times lately I've seen him get frustrated with something and he'll emphatically say, "Shut." The word I tend to slip up with has the same initial sound, so I think he is modeling me. Yikes!

Another thing I love right now is that Lucia gets so tickled at things that sound funny. If I say say something like "Don't get all huffy with me," she'll turn to Elliott and say, "Bubby, she said 'get all huffy.'" Then they'll both laugh. Once I asked Lucia if she "ripped a toot" and she laughed about that for days. "Mama said, 'Ripped-a-toot. Mama said 'ripped-a-toot.'"

I am a pretty private person. If you called me and I was writing, "I'd tell you "nothing" when you asked what I was doing. It doesn't feel comfortable to me to say, "I am writing." This isn't something I completely understand about myself. Where my children are concerned, I try to be forthcoming. I am trying to be honest, but also set examples for them. During rest time one afternoon, they all three came out of their rooms.
Me: "You all go back to your rooms to rest. Mama needs some writing time."
Lucia and Mazie started making their way back. Elliott stayed back to ask, "You need some writing time? You need some laundry time?" It makes sense. Laundry is one of the things they see me doing the most.


We have been back from Disneyland for just over two months now, and every single night since we've gotten home, at bedtime Lucia asks me to "tell me about the Disney stuff." When I lay down with her at night time, we spend our time talking about the rides, characters, parades, snow, fireworks, and food from our three days at Disney. "You tell me about the Disney stuff."

Elliott is in a shark phase right now. When H and I lie down with him at night time, he wants to talk about sharks. He'll ask various questions like "Mama, do you like green sharks?" or "Do you like to be close to baby sharks?" or "What is your favorite shark?" I love this time with him. I have claimed the hammerhead shark as my favorite.

Mae also has a current interest, though she doesn't question us at bedtimes about the bugs: "Mama, what bugs bleed?" and "What bugs itch?" and "What bugs tickle?" I don't know what triggered this interest of hers.


Anita Royal said...

Libby and I have been laughing so hard that we are now crying! We miss you so very much. Please keep up the blog. Love ya, Grandma and Anita

Grancy/Mom said...

Dear Ones,
What a Hoot! It makes me want to be a fly on the wall, and outside, listening to them!
Have you taped their voices, too? Remember how great it was to listen to Brother's "dost" story? It will be good for them in later years to be able to actually hear themselves "as they were then."
Love and Kisses and Hugs, Grancy/Mom