Monday, April 30, 2012


We were so fortunate on our trip through the desert. The cacti were blooming. Arizona had a good rain about a week prior so many of the cacti were blooming. A cactus is such an interesting plant. We loved learning about them. This one below, the ocotillo was one of my favorites.

And the saguaros are so fascinating. By the time we see a saguaro that looks like the sketch in the picture above, it is several hundred years old. They have a wood-like frame inside them and they can expand and contract to accommodate the amount of water they have inside.

We visited Saguaro National Park and hiked around one morning. We loved our time there, seeing such a different landscape than our own. We loved stopping to let cows cross the road on our way into the park. We loved seeing for miles and miles and miles in front of us. We loved the vibrant pits of colorful flowers popping against a neutral, natural backdrop.

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