Monday, April 30, 2012

Texas & Home

We came home from California across I10. I must say I like I10 more than I40. I loved being down by the Mexican boarder. I think the desert is such a unique and beautiful landscape. I understand why people want to live in the southwest.

Getting off the main highways were some of our best drives. We stopped for gas one morning and saw a sign for the San Elizario Mission. So we trekked twenty miles away from the interstate to see it. It was more than worth our time. 

Even the town, though small and a bit rundown, was beautiful and had character. I loved this old store below, the entrance being totally overtaken by cacti.
The biggest surprise for H and me was the Texas hill country. I have never found myself drawn to Texas. But the hill country definitely drew me in. The landscape is gorgeous. The towns are charming. Lots of wineries and farms. Plus, the bluebonnets were blooming. What a gift they were.

We pulled over in Hye so I could mail some postcards. The post office, inside a store, was so quaint I made H get out and go in so she could see it too.

We took a morning and visited the Austin Zoo. This was lots of fun and a good break from the road. The zoo is a rescue zoo and they do a great job. We would recommend this zoo to anyone spending time in Austin.

Home. About the Louisiana-Texas state line, the landscape changed. Our breathing became a little bit deeper. We were now among the blues and the greens of home. We saw some gorgeous places on our 5,014 mile journey, places we can't wait to go back and visit. But nothing is as beautiful as home.

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Grancy/Mom said...

That is an absolutely AWESOME & AMAZING picture of the peacock!
It could be in a picture book!
Enjoyed all the pix.
Thanks for sharing them.
Love, Mom