Monday, April 30, 2012


On our trip we spent a week with my sister and her family in LA. The weather was cold when we got there, but it warmed up to crisp within a few days. We went to the beach.

Elliott got to help the volleyball women out by kicking the ball back to them.

We got to play at Avery and Landon's parkette several times.
Our first morning we went to the Santa Monica farmer's market. We bought three cartons of berries which the four children promptly devoured. Ok, H and I may have helped them a bit.
The Farmer's Market had a petting zoo.

When went to Whole Foods after the Farmer's Market and had lunch.
Auntie Bee got to love on her little Landon.
We had a wonderful day at The Getty. The children's room was great fun, something we'd never done before. I also brought paper and crayons and took them to my favorite room. I told them to each pick their favorite painting and create their rendition of it. That was a lot of fun and a special thing to do.

Another day we went to Disneyland. Riding the new Little Mermaid was first on our list of things to do. Several of my sisters closest friends--people we love as well--met us for the day.

We had nine children and Disneyland.

Another special thing we got to do was go to the tide pools in Palos Verde. We got to see a seal and lots of gorgeous rocks. That was one of our most fun days. We loved our time in California. Thank you Karen and family for being such great hosts.


Loving Landon said...

What a grand adventure. Love the family shots at the Getty! And what a great idea to have them create their own rendition - i'm using it!

karen said...

what an awesome trip. so glad we got to spend such quailty time with our favorite people. come back anytime by car or plane. xoxo