Monday, June 17, 2013

E-Courses, Photography Day One

I have been taking a few e-courses lately. Mostly to keep my brain moving, I think. I have really enjoyed the Jeanne Oliver courses I've taken. Today, I started a photography class. It is just a week long mini-e-course. One of the assignments is to take ten pictures a day for a week. I thought I would do that and post them here. The instructor's name is Cathy Walters. The title of the class is The Art of Seeing. Here is what she says in the beginning of the class:

I am passionate about being present in the day....seeing what is really there...being in the moment and embracing everything that makes up the dailiness of my life. Cuz that’s where the magic is. :) I want to help you see your life.

 What could be better than that? I think we could all use a little of that. Below are the pictures from my first day.


Cathy said...

Hi Katie! I love your images! My favorite is of your kids reading and one of them is moving from the arm of the couch...great movement. I think images like that show a great "essence" of daily life. Really nice!...Cathy

GrandPa said...

Excellent ...g'pa
It's all inthe framing..

Mom/Grancy said...

You have always had such a good eye for composition!
Remember your photos from your Europe trip the summer before your senior year of high school?
You have a natural talent and eye. These are great! Thanks for sharing!!!