Monday, June 24, 2013

The Art of Seeing, Day four

The pictures above are from yesterday. The lighting is terrible on all of them.

Below are from today. All of today's pictures are on a automatic setting. I was doing a bit of driving and wanted to just capture some scenes.
I had really hoped these red-winged blackbird (one of my absolute favorite birds, maybe my favorite bird call of all) would be great. Instead they are unimpressive. The beautiful bird is not close enough and the sunflowers are not right. Maybe they are too thin of a strip to be a factor?

This might be the best composition but it still doesn't work. The sunflowers are too out of focus or too something to add to the photo. The placement of the bird doesn't do anything either.
I sure do love a dirt road in a photograph.
My beautiful girls, always a lovely photo, no matter how tired and dirty.

There is something I love about these deader-than-Hector sunflowers below. This one might be my favorite of the sunflower photographs.
In the picture below, I was hoping the leaves would look like the sea.
Ok, so this picture below has too much exposure. It shines out the textures. This is a good example of picture that would have been better on manual (if I knew what I was doing).
Again, I had high hopes for this photo below, but on manual there just isn't the texture and contrast that the picture needs.

Corn shots. Blah. Did not turn out as interesting in reality as I'd envisioned.

I thought this was hilarious: "It has all burned to hell. Would you like to buy it?"

This is a photograph I'm going to work on. I need better light and to be up closer. I just love this rusted billboard though.


Alicia said...

Looks like you are having trouble with contrast. I would know how to fix it with a B&W photo w/ negatives and an enlarger but not sure how to do it here. Does Cathy have any suggestions? I love the pic of the girls with the peppers. They look so well fitted into the context of the picture. Also, I really like the composition of the dirt road picture. Looks like a fun class! Hope you guys are doing well!

Mom/Grancy said...

How interesting to read your comments about these pix. Especially like the one of the 3 sunflowers! And L & M, of course. The one of the "deader than" is cool - esp. w/ the few live ones in the background.
Love you bunches!

Rachael said...

I agree with Alicia, love the picture of the girls. I also love the photo of the closed sunflower. It is neat to see your progress and read your thoughts on the pictures.