Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Art of Seeing, Day Three

 No, I have not gone crazy. I haven't even gone a bit bananas. But, this well may be the most boring post you'll ever read.
 Part of the reason I chose to take this ecourse is because I want to use the manual settings on my camera more frequently (read : at all). I feel like I am not completely inept when it comes to photograph composition. But light and grain and movement and focus are all out of my comfort zone.
 So today I thought I would play with f-stop. F-stop is the number that tells how large the aperture (hole that lets in light) is. Pretty basic. The only tricky thing is the number. The smaller the number the larger the hole. I think about those plugs people put in their ears. Gauge. The larger the number, the smaller the hole. 
 This first set of pictures is without the flash. The first of these pictures is with the smallest f-stop; the f-stop opening up a bit with each subsequent frame, stopping at about f-18.

 This second set of pictures is with the flash. The first picture, below, has the lowest aperture setting (most light in). Then I closed the aperture a little more with each picture. The first picture is the f-stop of 2.8, the last f-29.

I'm not exactly sure what I learned from this lesson. Without the flash, it is easier to see the gradient light. With the flash, I'm not sure I notice any difference.

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Mom/Grancy said...

You have gone bananas!
What's interesting is that this w/o flash the middle ones have more definition than the ones at either one.