Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Beach Photos

Here is another barrage of photos. These are from our week at the Gulf.

Note: Somehow we ended up with a far greater amount of photos of Elliott; I assure you we love all the babies the same.

We took a basket of toys, but the favorite thing for the babies to do was stand, pull up, and cruise around the coffee table. They seemed to congregate there quite a bit.

Here the four youngsters are telling "my fish was bigger" stories.
Lucia and Mazie hanging out at the coffee table.
Elliott standing at the couch.

Seth and Mazie cutting up at the coffee table.

Here is Mazie, finally coaxed into the blow up pool filled with gulf water.

Then her brother joins her and splashes...

...and splashes her, but she hung in there.

Seth made the babies jealous by eating lots of great finger foods: black beans, tofu, grapes.

Lucia playing with her toys at the Gulf.

Alyson in the bayou with a tentative Mazie.

Elliott's first encounter with sand. He consumed a fair amount of it.

Whitney and Elliott checking out the water.

Amy and Elliott lounging by the bayou.

Alyson turns 40 next month, so we celebrated with a chocolate cake and lots of wishes for a wonderful year.
Aimee and Lucia singing: "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart...." Indeed they do.
Elliott in the water and in the sand. I don't know which he liked better. He's in the water with Kristen.

Mama Summer and precious Seth.

Seth and Elliott taking in some sort of sight.

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