Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vamanos a la playa

While living in Atlanta we made a group of friends. We are still close and have all made the commitment to get together once a year. So far we have always done this somewhere along the Gulf. Well, except for last year when I was 32 weeks pregnant with triplets and H so wisely said "I don't think so". So, they all came to our house last year, and we just temporarily renamed our gathering Pond Week. Next week will be our fifth Beach Week get together.

There are many things I love about our time together. One is that we eat well. Several of us love to cook, and one of us in particular is a truly gifted cook (She has even opened a restaurant in North Carolina this past year). We eat lots of fresh fare and gorgeous concoctions. The other thing I love is that we all really value relaxation. We spend lots of time in our pajamas and we don't get in a hurry. I know this year will be different with four babies (Seth turned one year old this week. Happy Birthday Buddy!). I am interested to see how our little ones will change things.

So, today we leave for a week at the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. We hope you have a wonderful week filled with some good food and relaxation too.

The photo is from last year's Pond Week and shows everyone who will be together next week, minus Amy the fabulous chef.

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