Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photo Barrage

Due to company and illness I am behind on our picture posts.

The only first to occur this week are Lucia pulling to standing and Elliott cutting two more top teeth. He now has six teeth, Lucia four, and Mazie two.

Last Friday H and I were able to escape to the movies with friends Karen and Tiffany while H's mom and Donna watched the babies.

Then the next morning H's Aunt Patti and I drove to a U-Pick place and picked vegetables and these beautiful sunflowers. I brought home new potatoes, corn, sweet and purple onions, and peppers along with the sunflowers. We hope to go back a get some tomatoes; they weren't ready yet.

While A & K were here they liked pouring our cat Vincent milk to drink. This particular day they poured quite a lot for him to drink and then Mazie found it. She really loves cats. She enjoyed drinking from VIncent's bowl. She also has recently started playing in the sunlight on the kitchen floor. Maybe we should have named her Felina.

We blew up the yard pool one day while the girls were visiting. The babies enjoyed it. I think they thought they were taking a big bath.

Here are three photos of Elliott enjoying Molasses. Mo is a patient participant with the babes.

Here are pictures from the pool. Lucia:

When the girls were here we took the babies up to town to eat some pizza and drink icees with H and Donna. A with Lucia, Donna with Elliott, K with Mazie.
We hope you have had a good week too.

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