Wednesday, August 27, 2008

From WWI to the WWW

My grandma was born at the very end of World War One. We just celebrated her 90th birthday in March. I have no doubt that when I get to the end of my life she will be one of the people I will be so grateful for having had in my life. She is and will always remain on my list of people I adore.

My grandma has so many wonderful qualities. She is very good at taking baskets of peaches or other treats to "shut-ins" or "older" people from her Sunday school class. She always puts others before herself. She never wants to cause anyone even a minute's worth of trouble. She sends me newspaper clippings and poetry and little notes of encouragement.

Grandma is also a wonderful collector. She has many beautiful and interesting collections. When she falls in love with something, she commits herself to acquiring a lovely display: paintings, blown glass, Georgia pottery. While she has exquisite taste, not everything she collects is delicate and beautiful. On the one remaining empty wall in her house, she has amassed a hefty collection of Jeff Gordon model racing cars. And, she loves them with the same tender fondness she does her D. X. Gordy pots and Charles Lotton bowls.

This lady has recently done something amazing and unpredictable. She has gotten herself a computer and attached it to the internet (with a little help, of course). She has four icons on her desktop: the web site of the First Baptist church she attends, Jeff Gordon's fan site, my blog, and my sister's blog. I think this is a very remarkable hobby for a lady with her maturity to pick up, and I hope it brings her lots of enjoyment and minimal frustration.

So, Grandma, welcome to the World Wide Web. May your computer never freeze and your icons never disappear.
The three photos H took of Grandma with Elizabeth Lucia the weekend of Grandma's big birthday celebration. They are playing "This Little Piggy." It is now one of Elizabeth Lu's favorite games

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Wow, that was beautiful Katie.
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