Monday, August 4, 2008

Only fun for Lucia

Lucia has come up with a game she really enjoys: piggyback. She loves to grab on to Elliott's overalls or shirt and let him pull her around. She gets lots of enjoyment from this game and Elliott doesn't seem to mind humoring her.

Elliott apparently feels like he's been a pretty good sport though, because he has started thinking it might be fun for Lucia to take him on a trip around the room. No, not so much fun, as she screams as if he is trying to murder her. And Mazie, she wants no part of this piggyback game. She, too, screams if anyone tries to take her for a ride.

Here is a video of Lucia traveling around the kitchen via Elliott. Excuse the amateurish videography.


Loving Landon said...

Cuteness - that Lucia is a smart cookie!

Anita said...

Wow! Have you got your hands full! But what wonderful fun!!!And I have a feeling it will only get more hectic as they get into walking - which looks like it will be sooner than later! They are so very precious! Love ya, Anita

whit said...

ummm, i would like to see some video of elliot getting his turn. by the way, it looks like lucia is minutes away from walking.

AMY said...

Lucia was bound and determined to get a piggy ride from Elliot! So cute how Mazie was on the sidelines wanting no part in the situation. They are three happy, giggling babes! Lucia appears to love her (lil' by minutes) brother!

love to all!

alex(pickle) said...

the babies are adorable and getting so BIG.i miss you all and am so happy that you guys are doing good.i hope to see you soon. i love you:)