Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Latest Doings

We are a busy bunch these days. We are walking everywhere. Not much crawling is going on anymore. It is very rare to see Mazie crawling. Lucia and Elliott still crawl a little, but mostly walk. Everyone babbles, putting the ah sound with just about any consonant. We have not observed them "talking" to one another yet. They mostly just talk to themselves or their toys.

Elliott has taken to moving the food he does not want to eat into his cup holder at the side of this tray. Here he is moving rutabagas off to the side. "I'm just not having them," his expression seems to be saying.

Mazie got a black eye and bruise on her cheek last week. I was sitting on the floor with my legs outstretched, and she was crawling over them and sort of tumbled off. I think she may have hit the edge of a book, but I am not sure. I was very surprised her little low tumble left such a mark. She looked so sorry for about a week with her bruises and skinny legs and crazy hair. It made me sad to see my little baby with a black eye. Now Lucia is the only one who has not had a black eye.

The babies really love books. I keep a bunch underneath our desk so they can get them out and play with them. One of the first things Elliott does each morning is take all the books off the shelf. All the babies love books and love to read, but Elliott especially spends a lot of time looking at books. Mazie has started holding up books for me to read to her, though she doesn't always stay for the whole story. Lucia this week has started crawling into my lap for stories. And this morning, while I read the babies our three favorite Dr. Suess books, Elliott sat beside me and placed his hand on my knee the whole time. Our babies are so sweet, and it is little occurrances like these that really make my heart swell.
We also play in my baking drawer. They love taking all the measuring cups and spoons out and carrying them around the house. I love to cook and hope each of them grow to love it as well. So, we are trying to establish positive associations. We'll see how that works.

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mom/grancy said...

hi, to all you soaked and blown ones (but hopefully not too wet and blown!),

love elliott's putting the rutabegas in the side cup. at least he doesn't put the food in his cheek socket for hours like his aunt karen did when she didn't like the way something tasted!

how do the other 2 like the rutabegas? if they do like them, it's a surprise as that isn't on many people's favorite food lists. can't say that i ever gave them to you or karen.

i'm so very excited about seeing all of y'all and celebrating the triplets' first birthday.

can you believe that it was a whole year ago that you were "so big" and awaiting their arrival in the hospital? it has gone by faster than i can imagine.

my love and many hugs and kisses to you all, mom/grancy