Thursday, August 7, 2008

Walking update

Mazie Bell is still our only walker. It is so great to see how proud of herself she gets. And, she loves for us to cheer for her. This morning, just in time for her eleven month birthday, Mazie stood up by herself (without pulling up on anything). Also, up until now she has only walked to a person prompting her to walk. This morning she took several steps to nowhere in particular. The most steps she's taken by herself has been seven.

Lucia and Elliott still have not taken a step and seem to still be a ways away. I have noticed the past few days that they seem as if they are wanting to take a step. For example, I tried to get Lucia to take a step toward me yesterday and she stood there for a few seconds as if she really wanted to, but in the end she sat down and crawled to me.

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