Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt, v. 1

The children's school had a fun Easter egg hunt for the children last week. Elliott was running a fever so he couldn't attend, but our friend S. was in town and went with the girls to find eggs.
It was the first egg hunt for all three. As expected, they needed lots of prodding and directions. I don't think they really got the point that it was supposed to be fun. But, it was good exposing them to knew activities.

Mazie wanted to sit in her car and look at the eggs.

Lucia picked up two or three eggs and then went to play in her beloved sand pile. Much more fun, she thought.

S, being the boy he is, decided his Easter basket wanted to ride in the dump truck.

The bunny rabbit made another appearance.

Mazie did much better this time. She is our observer; she likes to take things in before she jumps in. (This she gets honestly--from me.)

Lucia and Mazie with their Miss Debbie. She is so good to our children.

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