Sunday, April 12, 2009

A New Activity

I have thankfully discovered recently that the babes love to bake. Lucia will come and go, Elliott stays for the most part, and Mazie will stand on her little stool the entire time it takes to mix up whatever kind of batter we are making. Baking gives us lots of opportunties to discuss concepts that we've not encountered before: math, fractions, pouring, chemistry. I love to bake and am so excited about this new activity. From now on, I will keep chocolate chips, butter, and other staples stocked up so we will be ready when the desire strikes us.
As I mentioned about, Mazie loves the baking the most. She can also be seen stirring her water with a fork or pretend pouring from one container to another. Even when we aren't baking, she loves to do her own version of baking.

Who knew flour tasted so good?

Here is a photo of the three enjoying their banana bread.

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AMY said...

Awesome math lesson and fun at the same time!