Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bees and Flowers

About a month ago, the three and I found an active honey bee hive during our daily walk. The bees are always buzzing in and out. Every time we walk or ride by, we stop and watch for a minute, saying hello and good-bye to the honey bees.
The children really love watching them and talking about them. They are always asking to go see the honey bees and the broke tree (a tree that fell during a recent thunderstorm).
The summertime flowers have been very beautiful. I admire people who know their birds; I'd love to know all the birds that fly in and out of my world. Flowers are just as amazing and even less people can tell you what various wildflowers are. Here are a few we've been enjoying on our walks this summer.

The flower below has been growing most of the summer. One day when we passed it, Lucia wanted to stop and look at the "purple feather."

These flowers below are some of my favorites. I learned from our friend Alyson when she came to visit that they are called hat pins. These flowers have long stems with no leaves at all. The flower is a bit like the center of a daisy, only shaped more like a miniature marshmallow. And, they are always white. They are very interesting and, though unadorned, beautiful.

Here are the lily pads that grow in the cattle pond. They make for a pretty picture.

We hope your summer has been filled with pretty flowers and sweet honey. Thank you for checking in with us.

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