Monday, July 20, 2009

Unloading the Phone

In an effort to "catch up," I am going to include all our recent phone photos in a single post.

As I was making supper one night, I checked on the children and found that Lucia was getting her teddy bears ready for a meal. She put them in the highchair and then wanted them to have the tray.

One of the things we Really, Really have to work on are our mealtime manners. While it pains me to tell you, throwing food, feet on the table, et al., are issues we deal with frequently. We'll keep working on them. H and I got away for an afternoon with friends recently. We went to an old, beautiful theatre to see Gone with the Wind. (If you haven't seen it lately, watch it from start to finish today.) Afterward we ate supper and then went to the mecca of fattening foods. A great afternoon.
Here is another example of working on mealtime manners: Lu bathing in her spaghetti.
This is our water table. It is meant to e splashed in, not swam in. Needless to say, it is warm where we live.
Here is a picture of Mazie, our nurturer, putting her supper plate to bed: "Night, Night."
Here is Elliott, driving his fork around his chair like it is a truck.
Here are the babes trying (maybe succeeding?) drinking water from the dog bowl.
The children enjoyed making Rice Krispie treats with Grancy.
We love stickers. Sometimes even sticking them to paper.
Now that I have finished the post, perhaps I should have done a post about our struggles with mealtime manners. That's one thing about writing for the blog, some things cannot be ignored.

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